These sculptures will each be mounted on wooden plates (probably something dark, like mahogany or walnut), which will then be fit at an angle into three alcoves that sit fairly high (over a door) in a fairly large room (where the bottom of the plate attaches to the front lip of the alcove, and the top of the plate attaches to the back upper corner of the alcove). Each sculpture depicts one of the events in a triathlon: swimming, biking, running.

But as can be seen from the drawings, only a section of each figure will be depicted (where in each case, it will be the foremost portion of the figure, as if he is coming at you). Note that the swimmer drawing is not quite accurate; it will change to incorporate the head and shoulders.
Also note that instead of a right leg, I have carved a left leg, which will be angled toward the center alcove, rather than away.

Biker Profile: The face will be visible since this will be viewed from below.
Runner profile (note that in the actual sculpture, I added more bend)

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