Stefanie Rocknak
Wood Sculpture in Progress

(November 2006 - May 2007)
The King
page six

At this point, the crown has a bishopy feel to it, which was not my conscious intention. I just like the lines.

In September, I visited the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland. I was blown away by the Medieval section. In fact, it has to be one of the best collections of wood sculpture that Iíve ever seen. Two pieces are particularly striking, "Christ in Distress" c. 1500, and a Pieta c. 1370. Both are remarkably contemporary figures. In fact "Christ in Distress" looks suspiciously like Rodin's Thinker--I wonder if he saw it?† And lots of Kings, Queens and brightly-colored underlings. This kind of aesthetic experience sticks with me, and probably is behind some of the look of my King.

After attending a philosophy conference at Oxford in October, I went to the National Portrait Gallery in London. Another visual feast, but two dimensional. I saw lots of medallion necklaces, jewelry and attitude.

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