Stefanie Rocknak

Wood Sculpture in Progress

(May 2005 - July 2005)
Biker's Arms
page 5

This piece is part of a commissioned piece, "The Triathlete." These arms will be mounted below the biker's head. (see the overall plan)

Keep in mind that the outer bars are still not re-attached, so the final overall shape will be somewhat different.
The inner bars, however, seem to be pretty solid at this point.
Keep in mind that the shift levers, when complete, will be somewhat shorter than the amount of wood that I have allocated for them. One will also be tilted forward. I have kept the top part of these bars fairly solid simply to prevent damage to them.
Some of this stem and the arms will ultimately be cut off. I will also add some kind of design to this part of the bars; probably something to do with a bird.
See page 1 of this work in progress, page 2 , page 3, page 4, page 6, the finished piece

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